Car services

Ownership services

Next to real estate, you car is likely the most costly and time-consuming good you own. You need to keep paperwork up to date and the car in good condition. But you can get convenience and peace of mind with’s Swiss ownership services.


From the minute you arrive

A rental car is waiting at the airport for you – we ensure low monthly rental rates*.

  • Drop off fee: CHF 190.-
  • Pick up fee: CHF 190.-, waived if we pick it up when delivering a car purchased from

*See our rental cars.

Vehicle registration

  • If you buy a car with, we register it for you as part of our basic service.
  • Even if you buy elsewhere, we are happy to take care of registration. Fee for registration of vehicles previously registered in Switzerland: CHF 390.-*.

*Price does not include vehicle inspection.

Car insurance

Our basic service includes helping you get competitively-priced car insurance (with our partner MySwissInsurance). Even if you buy elsewhere, come to us and we will make it easy for you to insure your vehicle. My Swiss Insurance can even assist you with the many other forms of insurance coverage needed in Switzerland.


Seasonal tire service (only if you bought the car with us)

We take care of seasonal servicing through trusted partner service centres. Rates include pick-up in the Lake Geneva region and use of a courtesy car.

  • Wheel change for winter/summer: CHF 290.-
  • Tire change for winter/summer: CHF 390.-
  • Care and storage of off-season tires: CHF 80.-


Seasonal tire service (for everyone)

We do partner with Pneu Egger with branches all over Switzerland. You can download the voucher here which  provides you with 10% additional discount on the regular conditions.


Service and repair (only if you bought the car with us)

If your car needs repairs, give us a call and we take care of the rest with the help of a trusted partner service centre.

  • Pick-up in the Lake Geneva region and use of a courtesy car: CHF 190.-
  • Coordination fee: CHF 100.-


For more information about car services, please contact us to arrange for a free consultation and estimate, at your convenience.