For expatriates in Switzerland: Free consulting

For all newcomers to Switzerland, we are happy to offer a free telephone consultation to understand better what are the various available options when acquiring or importing a car.

We call you wherever you are in order to discuss your questions whether is it worth importing your car, when can you get your leasing car, do you need a rental car, etc. We tell you more about the Swiss market: it's sometimes very high prices and the solution to avoid paying these high prices.

The objective is to provide support in taking the right decision about what kind of car is suitable for each person or situation. We see more and more that cars bought through official car dealers can potentially cause problems when the customer is leaving Switzerland (significant loss of value upon cancellation of a leasing contract, cars they bought are not sellable or only with huge losses, etc.).

Our partner My Swiss Insurance can also help you with all you need to know about insurances.