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Autociel, for All Your Automobile Needs

Since the inception of Autociel in 2002, our sole objective has been to help you find your dream car at the best price and in the most hassle-free way. Integrity, professionalism and utmost sense of responsibility towards our customers have been the defining values of our team. And, this is the very reason why we are the leading car company for expats in Switzerland today. Our experts not only sell you a car or a service; we focus on finding the right solutions for your specific requirements!

Meet The Team

Jérôme Chessex

Jérôme Chessex


Jerome comes with 12 years of experience in the car industry. As the Sales Manager of Autociel, he advises international and local customers looking to buy or lease new or used cars and offers support for any car-related questions. A great manager and mentor, Jerome is known for his relaxed nature and positive attitude.  

Christophe Logoz

Christophe Logoz

Sales Manager, Responsible for Car Stock

Christophe is a true "petrolhead" since his early childhood, possessing extensive knowledge of cars; the newest models, the most efficient engines, the most reliable makes and models etc. He is as much interested in extreme sports cars and in city cars with the newest technologies. He has been working as a sales consultant at Autociel since 2015 and primarily works with expats. Apart from being passionate about his job and cars in general, Christophe enjoys the good life and is a true food lover. Luckily, he also likes sports - like hiking, cycling and skiing.

Tony Greco

Sales Consultant

Tony has always been guided by the pursuit of excellence and by the sense of service. All his professional choices are aimed at achieving the best. Cars are a passion for him that has driven him since his youngest age. He also has a deep desire to make his passion for his job. Tony has a 5-star service, tailor-made, just for YOU ! Apart from his passion for cars, he also likes sport. Obviously, motorsport and football that he practiced for 14 years. He also likes skiing and traveling. He joined Autociel in 2019 after having worked in one of the best Swiss Insurance.

Mark Mestre

Mark Mestre

Sales Assistant

Mark is a multi-talented professional with years of experience in the Swiss car industry.  Apart from working as a Sales Assistant in Autociel where he handles majority of paper-works for car import, inspection and registration, he is also an accomplished illustrator and entrepreneur.

Flavio Dalbo

Flavio Dal Bo


Flavio comes with 7 years of experience and is responsible for delivering your car to your doorstep. He has been instrumental in offering an awesome customer experience since then. I jovial person by nature, Flavio enjoys hiking, swimming and other sports. He loves to spend his free time with his friends and family.

Markus Haefeli


Markus is a young-spirited entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in the car industry. He established Autociel in 2002 and later myswissinsurance.ch with a vision of offering tailored solutions to all the expats’ mobility and insurance requirements. An expert in the fields of buying, selling, leasing or importing a car, Markus has been the Vice President of VFAS Swiss Association of Independant Vehicle Traders since 2012.

Ajitha Ratnarajah


Adrien Spertini

Adrien Spertini

Executive Assistant

Adrien has been an integral part of Autociel for the last 10 years. An expert multi-tasker, he manages everything from planning deliveries to drawing up client contracts to offering sales advice. A patient and jovial person by nature, Adrien cares deeply about his work and possesses a natural disposition towards enjoying life in general.

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We are an independent car dealer specializing in BMW, Audi, Land Rover, Porsche and other brands.

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