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New Swiss CO2 Law: How It Impacts the Auto Imports to Switzerland

September 11th, 2019 Car Import

In July 2012 a Swiss law on CO2 came into effect which has huge conseq...

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Agility Logistics

Here’s Why Autociel is the Right Choice for Expats

September 11th, 2019 Buy a Car

Autociel has been the first choice for expats in Switzerland since 200...

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Sell a Car in Switzerland

How to Re-Sell Your Car: Know the Cars that Resells Best

September 11th, 2019 Sell a Car

Autociel today is the number one car service provider for expats in Sw...

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importing a car to Switzerland

Importing Your Car from the UK And Continental Europe

September 11th, 2019 Car Import

If you are looking at importing a car to Switzerland from UK or Contin...

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