Insuring a car in Switzerland

Insuring and registering a vehicle in Switzerland is different than in most other countries, and is actually simpler and faster!


The minimum cover required is third-party liability insurance while for a car rental fully comprehensive is compulsory. In order to insure a vehicle with a Swiss insurance company, it must be registered with Swiss plates (foreign plates are not accepted) and needs to have passed a technical test carried out by the competent authorities for imported vehicles. The plates are linked to the vehicle owner, which means that if vehicle ownership changes, the plates are transferred after a certificate has been issued by the insurance company (required for new registrations and changes in vehicle ownership).


For newer vehicles, parked car insurance is strongly recommended (to cover any damage committed by third parties when your car is parked) since car spaces are very narrow in Switzerland, as well as breakdown cover for vehicles that are no longer covered by the manufacturer's guarantee.


To benefit from the lowest levels of bonus, you do not need to provide a certificate from your previous insurance company, and anyone driving the vehicle with a valid driver's license is insured with the same terms and without an additional charge!!!


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