Leaving Switzerland? We help you sell your car!

Selling When it’s time to move on – whether away from Switzerland or simply to a new vehicle – is again at your side to ensure a smooth road.


Trading in

Trading in is certainly the easiest way to let go of your vehicle. We will be happy to make you a trade in offer on any car at any time. If you did not buy your car from us, we recommend you first go to where you bought it for best potential prices. If they are not interested, do come to us.


Sales assistance service

With ours sales assistance service, you’ll get a great selling price without the hassle. Just call us when you’re ready to sell – about three months* is ideal for us to complete the process. Here is how it works:


  1. We appraise your car’s value using industry-standard evaluation software and our own expert knowledge of comparable cars currently for sale in Switzerland.
  2. We check your car’s condition and take care of all necessary repairs and servicing – everything must be up to date.
  3. You keep your car while it is for sale. If we have an interested buyer, we pick it up, leaving you a courtesy car. We clean the car and show it to the potential customer. If it is not sold, we bring it back.
  4. Once it is sold**, we take care of the paperwork. Your return is the selling price minus our commission.

*Average sell times vary greatly. We reserve the right to turn down a vehicle we deem unsellable.

**Please note that if the customer wishes to buy right away (as opposed to waiting for your departure date), you will often find it better to rent another vehicle for a few weeks rather than hold out to the last minute. Of course we will help you with rental.

Another possibility is to leave your car with us when you leave the country. We go through the same careful steps to ensure a good sale for you.


For more information about sales assistance, please contact us to arrange for a free consultation and estimate, at your convenience.