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Offering you an amazing experience and a great car is our priority. Fast delivery, great price and unmatched customer service is what we offer. Scroll down the page to see what our happy customers are saying about us.


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At Autociel, we focus on offering you exactly what you need. Be it buying or leasing a car, importing your car to Switzerland, renting, selling or insuring your car; our experts make sure that you have a great experience every time. Here's what our customers have to say about us.

We love the BMW and the delivery went smoothly. It’s always a pleasure doing business with you!

Mr. Maxwell Lawson, Novartis

Autociel Buy Service, Delivered in Basel

I couldn’t thank Christophe and Mark enough for helping me get a car to replace the one I had to leave behind in the UK. A great service and really fast and efficient - the perfect way to start my move to Switzerland!

Mr. Simon Duffield, Verisure

Autociel Lease Service, Delivered in Etoy

Was extremely happy to have the car very fast with a very helpful support from Christophe and Mark! Thanks Autociel!

Mr. Andras Zentai, Nestlé

Autociel Lease Service, Delivered in Vevey

Everything was fast and smooth, excellent service! I just chose the car I wanted and pretty soon it was delivered to my door, ready to drive. I have nothing but praises for the Autociel team.

Mr. Mihu Tureac

Autociel Buy Service, Delivered in Zurich

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