Buy a car and Leasing in Switzerland in 4 steps

No matter how many times you’ve done it, moving to a new country is a big job. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about transportation – from the minute you arrive? Autociel can make that happen when you move to Switzerland. Here’s how.


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1. Defining
your car

2. Financing
and ordering

3. Guarantee
and insurance

4. Delivery
and deadline


1. Defining your car

Our job at is to find the right car for you – not to sell you a particular car. And thanks to our knowledge of the Swiss and European car markets, we will find the best place to get your car, at the best price. We can source new, nearly new (less than 1 year old & 25,000km) and used cars. 

If you already have the configuation of your dream car, upload it (.pdf) into our My new car form, send it to us and here we go!

You have something in mind but you are still hesitating? Don't worry! Our experts will give you advice to help you make a decision.

Are you eager to acquire your new car? Choose our option "Priority Search"*: will process your request for priority so that you can quickly take advantage of your new car.

*For more information on Priority Search, please contact us.


2. Financing and ordering

As a newcomer to Switzerland, certain regulations make it difficult to obtain financing. However, should you wish to lease rather than purchase outright, we at work with a reliable partner to offer you financing. You can either choose your own financing company or trust our partner Cashgate. We are able to help you get a leasing contract with an L-permit (provided you have a valid work permit for the length of the leasing contract).

Ordering your car is simple: once we have received your signed autociel contract and a down payment of 10%*, we take care of the rest!

*A higher deposit may be required for cars with a rare or special configuration (such as colour, equipment, condition, etc.). For your convenience, the contract can be sent by email, fax or mail.


3. Guarantee and insurance

Be it new or used, imported or not, the car has a guarantee available in Switzerland just as in most of the European countries.

For used cars that do not have a guarantee anymore, offers a warranty of 20'000km or 12 months.

When you buy with autociel, we take care of registration and competitively-priced insurance through our partner My Swiss Insurance. It’s just part of our services to pave the way to car ownership in Switzerland.

4. Delivery and deadline

Before we deliver any new or used car, we make sure all is fine with it, clean it and make it ready for you. We then deliver it right to your home or office*. We give an estimated delivery date when you order. When you get your car depends on whether it is new or not, and where it comes from. The delivery time can vary depending on the origin of the car**:

  • Used cars imported into Switzerland: 3 to 4 weeks
  • Used cars from within Switzerland: 1 to 2 weeks

*Delivery within Switzerland. The expenses for delivering can be deducted from your package if you choose to pick up your vehicle at our office. Payment is to be made in cash at time of delivery/pickup or by bank deposit immediately prior.

**While we make every effort to get you your vehicle as fast as possible, all delivery time estimates are indicative only. In very rare cases, imported vehicles are delayed weeks or months, typically due to transport, customs or regulatory issues. We cannot unfortunately guarantee against this possibility.

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